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Ford Transit Connect


When looking for a van with the perfect size and optimum safety features, only one van comes to mind. It is the Ford Transit Connect.

The Ford Transit Connect is a compact panel van developed by the automotive manufacturer Ford.

This award-winning van is the best solution to meet every requirement you may have. Because of its compact size, it can be used for different business purposes and is one of the leading vehicles used in fridge/freezer conversions.

Why Choose the Ford Transit Connect as Your Refrigerator Van?

Over the years, the Ford Transit Connect has proven to be an excellent van for fridge/freezer conversions. It offers a practical design and roomy load space and can haul an impressive frozen or refrigerated payload. It is eco-friendly as it emits a low amount of CO2.

The Ford Transit Connect uses 1.5 TDCi diesel in three states of tune numbered 75, 100, and 120. It has a 60-litre tank, giving a long range between fill-ups. It is a 4/5 door panel van with a front engine and front wheel drive which makes it ideal for refrigerated van conversions.

Other reasons the Ford Transit Connect is the best choice for reefer fleets and cold cargo logistics companies include:

  • It is practical yet compact.
  • The Ford Transit Connect is designed with the safety of the driver and cargo in mind.
  • It is available in both gas and diesel engines.
  • A variety of configurations and sizes is available.
  • The compact size and its manoeuvrability make it the ideal refrigerated vehicle for those whose businesses involve travelling in tight spaces and urban areas.

Models and Features of the Ford Transit Connect

The popular models of the Ford Transit Connect are:

  • Ford Transit Connect Wagon XL passenger wagon
  • Ford Transit Connect Wagon XLT passenger wagon
  • Ford Transit Connect Wagon Titanium passenger wagon

Despite having different models, they have the same features and specifications. Some of them include:

  • System sensors
  • Driver assist
  • Safety Canopy system
  • Driver and passenger airbags
  • Safety Canopy side-curtain airbags
  • 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes
  • Forward collision warning
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Rear view camera
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • SOS Post-Crash Alert System
  • Blind spot information system

Optional Features Available for the Ford Transit Connect Van

Your business fleet may require some other options for optimal productivity. Asides the aforementioned standard features that the Ford Transit Connect comes with, you can customise it to fit your business using the following options:

  • Alarm: For security, we can install an added alarm system on your van to protect it from theft.
  • LED daytime running lights: This is automotive lighting automatically switched on to emit light to increase the visibility of the van in daylight. It is especially important if you operate in regions with low visibility during the day.
  • HVAC: This involves the installation of an air conditioning unit to provide added comfort to drivers and passengers while on the road by controlling the temperature and humidity in your van.
  • Bluetooth: You can pair your phone with the truck so you can have hands-free access to it while driving.
  • Rear Parking Sensors: This allows you to have a view of your rear while parking so you don’t run into other vehicles or structures.
  • Sat Nav: Sat Nav or satellite navigation uses satellites to provide autonomous geo-spatial positioning. It can be used to track your van.

Contact us to discuss the custom features you would like your new refrigerator van to have.

The wheelbase of Ford Transit Connect Vans

A wheelbase gives an indication of the distinctive features of a van. The Ford Transit Connect is all about utility and economy and that is obvious in its wheelbase dimensions. For vehicles with over two axles such as trucks, the wheelbase is the distance between the steering axle in the front and the centre-point of the driving axle group.

The Ford Transit Connect comes in two wheelbase sizes which are short and long.

  • A long wheelbase provides maximum 3.6 cubic metres of cargo space and a 2,153mm load length. The maximum payload is 720kg and it can carry two Euro pallets and 3.4m long items with the aid of the optional load through the bulkhead.
  • A short wheelbase offers a 2.9 cubic-metre load volume and a payload of around 630kg depending on the specification. It has the load length of 1,753mm and can take 3m long items loaded diagonally.

Vans with a longer wheelbase have better ride comfort than those with a shorter wheelbase so the LWB Ford Transit Connect is a more ideal choice for a new freezer van because of cargo space.

The Cost of Refrigerator the Ford Transit Connect Vans

The cost of our refrigerator Ford Transit Connect vans depends on the model, components, conversion type required and whether the van is new or pre-owned. If you need a long wheelbase Ford Transit Connect freezer van, it will probably cost more than a short wheelbase fridge van.

No matter the size or the conversion type, here at Glacier Vehicles, our used refrigerator vans are sold at competitive prices. We offer some of the best prices on the market. We are also open to working out a plan based on your financial ability. To do this, we offer flexible finance options so you can spread the cost of your purchase.

If you want to buy a used refrigerated van, a used freezer van, a new refrigerated van or a new freezer van call, Glacier Vehicles on 0208 668 7579.