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This page refers to a collection of vehicles (typically automobiles) with a single owner. For other uses of the word fleet, see Fleet. Fleet vehicles are groups of motor vehicles owned or leased by a business or government agency, rather than by an individual or family. Typical examples are vehicles operated by car rental companies, taxicab companies, public utilities, public bus companies, and police departments.

How to Buy a Fleet Vehicle for Your Refrigerated Transportation Business

Fleet Vehicles Explained

Fleet vehicles are groups of vehicles owned, or leased, by government agencies, multinationals and local businesses, rather than by an individual or a family. They are usually vehicles operated by rental companies, cab companies, bus companies, public services, and law enforcement agencies. Fleet vehicles can help with product distribution in your refrigerated transportation business. They can prove invaluable to your business, especially in the areas of distribution, delivery, advertising, public image, and marketing. A fleet manager is in charge of the fleet vehicles, which they manage with the help of fleet management software.

Buying Your Fleet Vehicles

Virtually all vehicle manufacturers will offer discounts to businesses that purchase cars, trucks, or vans in wholesale. These sales are often available through various dealerships, involving new and used cars, and they are significantly lesser in price than the retail price suggested by the manufacturer. Preferred pricing will be made open, if you purchase as few as five vehicles When purchasing your fleet vehicles, be sure to request the name of the fleet manager to prevent being transferred to their sales representatives. The fleet manager can help you with the process. They have to determine if you’re qualified to create a fleet identification number. The fleet identification number will provide you with access to better pricing on leased or purchased vehicles. Fleet vehicles packages come in the form of flexible leases, prepaid maintenance, and joint billing, amongst others.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Fleet Vehicles for Your Refrigerated Transportation Businesses

  • Uniformity: Make sure the vehicles are all of the same look and model. This will give your business a professional image.
  • Cost: Work within your budget. Ensure you don’t pay over the odds for the vehicles, as other areas of your business may suffer for it.
  • Durability: Buying a set of vehicles which are poorly built may result in early wear and tear. This may result in the need to buy another set of fleet vehicles, at a cost you may not be able to afford.
  • Size: They say “size is not everything”, but ,in this case, it is vital to productivity. For your kind of business, the ideal vehicle is a cargo van, or a compact van, at the least. Buying a fleet of small vehicles will not, in anyway, be a benefit you.

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