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What Is a Delivery Van?

A delivery van is a road vehicle with an enclosed cargo space used for transporting goods and services to customers. Delivery vehicles are larger than any other vehicle on the road and will not contain any passengers apart from the driver. Most consumer goods are delivered from the point of production or storage to the point of consumption via delivery vans.

Some cargoes require a specific temperature for them to remain fresh and until they get to their destination. Some pharmaceutical products and frozen foods fall under this category. To preserve them, they have to be transported in temperature-controlled environments with the help of refrigerator delivery vans.

People who deliver products that are temperature-dependent such as ice cream, frozen foods and flowers require custom-built delivery vans that can keep these products at their optimum temperature for a long period. To do this, normal delivery vans are converted to fridge or freezer delivery vans. This is done through comprehensive insulation and the installation of a standard refrigeration system.

Types of Delivery Vans

Even though delivery trucks are used to transport cargoes from one place to another, there are different kinds of delivery trucks that are used for specific purposes. They include:

Wide loads: These are the largest vehicles ever seen on the road. They are used to deliver prebuilt homes, large construction elements, and any cargo that goes beyond the weight limit of a normal highway truck.

Freightliner: These are heavy-duty trucks which carry large cargoes for delivery. They carry goods of all types from dry goods to new cars and are often found on highways. They can pull single or double trailers and are used primarily for commercial delivery of mass quantities.

Tank trucks: These are semi-trucks that transport liquid materials. They can be used in transporting fuel, concrete, gaseous materials, and sometimes water and milk.

Mail truck: This is the smallest type of delivery truck as it can travel through small neighbourhood streets. It is used by federal post office workers and privately owned mail delivery companies.

Refrigerator trucks: These are delivery vehicles used when the cargo needs to be kept cold or frozen during transportation. Refrigerator trucks are not cold in the cab area where the driver is but are cold throughout the cargo area of the truck. These freezer vans are a necessity to those in the business of transporting perishable goods.

Requirements for a Delivery Van

Before a van can be considered a delivery vehicle, it has to meet certain requirements. They are:

The cargo space must have a permanent and even loading floor that covers the entire width and length of the space.

No seats must be fitted into the cargo space.

When determining the cargo space, the driver’s seat must be pulled back for leg room.

Just like other types of delivery trucks, cargo trucks converted to chiller vans do not have side windows. Their side windows are removed and replaced by panels. That is why delivery vehicles are often called panel trucks. The panels used to replace the side window must meet these requirements:

  • They must comprise one piece
  • They must be made of opaque and form-proof material
  • They must not be made of glass
  • They must be linked to the opening where the side window was before.
  • They must be linked in an unbreakable adhesion to the body of the van.

What to Look for in Refrigerator Delivery Vans

The van you have in mind should be suited to your business. When in search for a perfect choice of the van for your fleet of delivery vehicles, take these factors into consideration:

What kind of cargo will it transport? Is it temperature-sensitive? If so, you definitely need a fridge/freezer delivery van.

  • Do you want a new or pre-owned vehicle?
  • What manufacturer do you prefer?
  • What model and design will suit your business best as some models and designs have been discontinued.
  • What size is ideal for your business?

Glacier Vehicles sources for refrigerator delivery vans of different makes, models, and sizes whether used or new, so you do not have to go through the stress of finding your preferred choice. Even if you are buying a used freezer van, the conversion is new. Both your delivery van and the refrigeration system installed come with a warranty to reassure you of our reliability and your delivery van’s durability. Some manufacturers we work with include:

  • Toyota
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Volkswagen Crafter
  • Ford Transit
  • Renault Master
  • Vauxhall Movano
  • Nissan NV400
  • Citroen Relay
  • Fiat Ducato
  • Peugeot Boxer
  • Iveco Daily

The Cost of Refrigerator Delivery Vans

The cost of our used refrigerator vans depends on the make, model, components and conversion type required. If you need a large freezer delivery van, it will probably cost more than normal-sized freezer delivery vans.

No matter the size or the conversion type, here at Glacier Vehicles, our refrigerator delivery vans are sold at competitive prices. To make the process easier, we offer flexible finance options. We are also open to working out a plan based on your financial ability.

If you want to buy a used refrigerated van, a used freezer van, a new refrigerated van or a new freezer van call, Glacier Vehicles on 0208 668 7579.