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How Chiller Trucks Improve Efficiency in the Refrigeration and Transportation Business

Every business has its primary concerns. In the refrigeration and transportation business, one of the primary concerns is the safety of goods until they get to the point of delivery. If you are in the business, you’ll know what it means when the goods you want to deliver fall short of the customers’ expectations in terms of temperature. The way to ensure that your goods are kept in good condition until they get to their destination is by using refrigerated trucks, particularly chiller trucks. Refrigerated trucks are trucks built to transport perishable goods like, meat, dairy products, fruit, poultry, fish, etc. at the appropriate temperature so they don’t go bad.

What Is a Chiller Truck?

A chiller truck is a kind of refrigerated truck that uses a chiller as its refrigeration system. A chiller is a machine that keeps a compartment cool by removing heat from it, by absorbing or compressing the vapour in the space. How it happens is, a pumping device in the machine pumps cool fluid from the chiller to the compartment. The chilled, the pumped fluid absorbs the heat within the compartment. That heat is returned in the form of warm fluid to the chiller, while  the compartment remains cool. That cycle continues to ensure that the compartment always maintains a moderate temperate. This is what happens when a chiller is installed in a truck as its refrigeration system. At Glacier Vehicles, we see to it that chillers are properly installed on your truck for quality performance. Call 0208 668 7579 now to find out what it takes to have a chiller installed on your truck, and to get answers to any question you may have about chillers and refrigerated trucks. When you opt for a chiller truck, you gain the following advantages for Temperature Control. A chiller truck ensures that your goods are kept at the required temperature until they are delivered. In the frozen food business, it is important that goods are kept at the right temperate: no more, no less. Overnight Storage. With a chiller refrigerated truck, your goods can be stored overnight in the truck without any fear of anything happening to them. If, for instance, goods are not delivered, for one reason or another, after loading, they don’t have to be  unloaded. The chiller machine sees to it that nothing happens to them until the next day. Option for Double Units. If you wish, you can divide the truck into two units, so that frozen goods and refrigerated ones can be transported at the same time. This saves a whole lot of trouble, particularly financial, for the business.

Servicing Your Chiller Truck

You should understand that because refrigeration systems in trucks are constantly working, they are prone to wear and tear. As such, they require regular servicing, so they can constantly function well without disappointing the business. Part of our business at Glacier Vehicles is to make sure that your refrigerated truck never  disappoints you, by offering excellent servicing. Call us today for both preventive and corrective servicing for your chiller trucks.