Peugeot Refrigerated Vans

Are you looking for refrigerator vans that are built to last? Do you need a Peugeot temperature-controlled freezer van for your business deliveries? Are you a small business in the UK, searching for affordable fridge vehicles to kick-start your operations?

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Glacier Vehicles stock an amazing range of lightweight, substantial Peugeot vans that are built to go the distance. We offer brand new Peugeot refrigerated vans and used Peugeot vehicles to make mobility easier. Whatever your refrigeration needs, you can be sure that we will provide a fleet of freezer vans or a single fridge vehicle to suit your business. Our vehicles undergo rigorous testing from our expert team of engineers, who only display top-quality freezer vans that serve you for a long time. Whether you want a bespoke design or have a fridge van in mind, the advice we offer is always tailored to your business needs to help you choose the ideal freezer van that leverages growth, boost sales and meets your business requirements.

Stylish Freezer Vans Tailored To Your Budget

Not sure if you want a new van? We have a wide range of used Peugeot refrigerator vans and if we don’t have what you need, we’ll help you source a used van specific to your requirements and available at an unbeatable discounted price. If you already have a Peugeot van you want to convert, our portfolio of refrigeration conversion is testament to the efficiency and professional quality of our work. The vans we convert are thermal efficient, lightweight and capable of transporting large volumes of perishable products. Over the years, we’ve designed, customised and converted hundreds of Peugeot freezer vehicles and fridge vans for large corporations and small businesses, looking for bespoke solutions to set them apart from the competition. The expertise of our engineers is unmatched in the UK and we place real value on out-of-the-box design and innovative engineering, combined with the best pool of production teams, equipped to deliver any size or weight of project. Call us today on 0845 5212 036 for a free quote or visit our website for more details.

How Can I Convert My Peugeot Van To A Refrigerator Van?

If you can’t afford a new fridge van, an alternative is to convert your current van into a temperature controlled vehicle.  This process depends on what the van will be used for. For example, butcher vans require more frigid cooling, while florist vans require minimal cooling. It is important you consult Glacier Vehicles’ specialists to ensure the van doesn’t consume excessive power, overheats and manages to operate at maximum efficiency. We utilise the latest technology to ensure your freezer vehicle operates at a fraction of the energy costs of older models. For the interior, we use strong, durable GRP sheet, woven with roving reinforcement to ensure a good balance of durability and strength. Our preferred insulation method is polystyrene insulating boards that guarantee the highest manufacturing standards. The refrigerating unit we recommend is specific to your converted vehicle and matched to refrigeration requirements. The aim is to maintain a controlled temperature of up to 30° Celsius in ambient environment.

Award-Winning, Light, Commercial Vehicles From Peugeot

Peugeot has been in business since 1810 and has worked hard to build a reputation for technical excellence, affordability and innovation. Peugeot is famous for its French styles that feature in the drawing board of the car’s design, leading to a commercial range of highly successful vans. The smart Peugeot Expert van was awarded the Medium Van and Van of the Year awards in 2016. It was also bestowed the Light Commercial Vehicle of the Year at the What Van? Awards, earlier in 2017. Our 2016 Peugeot Boxer 335 L3 H2 Professional Fridge Van does more than take you from A to B. It features larger bumpers for complete protection, LED headlamps and new bonnet with prominent lines. The interior includes an elegant steering wheel that feels right at first touch and conveys assured dependability to the user. Glacier Vehicles stock a wide array of brand new Peugeot Partner Refrigerated vans, loaded with state-of-the-art technology and a compact shape that makes it ideal for city street deliveries. For every business expectation, we have a Peugeot Partner freezer van available in different models and customised to meet your operational needs.

Affordable Freezer Vans for Your Refrigeration Needs

The engineers at Peugeot put great effort into creating commercial vehicles, making full production days less mundane and more enjoyable. There is a rear video camera to help you park and reverse safely, avoiding any scrapes and protecting the value of your fridge van all the while. Whatever your vehicle needs, from the moderately-sized New Partner, flexible Expert or superior loading capacity of the Peugeot Boxer, we’ve got you covered. Call us today on 0845 5212 036 for a free quote or visit our website for more details.

Top Features of Glacier Vehicles Peugeot Refrigerated Vans:

  • Best-selling light commercial vans

  • Low carbon monoxide emission and reduced fuel consumption

  • Multi-versatile vans, ideal for tight spaces

  • Innovative technology such as the active city brake and reversing camera

  • Swiveling Moduwork shelf in the Peugeot Expert to transform your van to a workstation

  • Hands-free sliding door

  • Loading volume of up to 17m³

  • Safety features, such as speed limiter, road sign reading, auto emergency braking system, automatic switching beam and airbags

Why Should I Buy Peugeot Freezer Vans From Glacier Vehicles?

Glacier Vehicles are proud to be associated with one of the most widely recognised names in automobile manufacturing. We stock new freezer expert vans and used chiller vehicles.  As an eco-friendly company, our Peugeot freezer vans emit the lowest carbon monoxide, whilst remaining fuel-efficient. We offer financing for your purchase, tailored to your budget, to ensure you have enough funds for daily operational costs without compromising on the quality of freezer vans you deserve. Our new Peugeot vans come with three-year vehicle warranty or mileage of 100,000 miles. We can convert your van using New GRP wet line insulation, Hubbard refrigeration systems for temperature-controlled freezer vans and chilled operation at temperatures up to +8˚C with cool/heat temperatures up to +25˚C. Regardless the complexity of the installation, conversion or customisation, our team of fully-trained engineers has worked on thousands of conversions, from small, one-fridge van projects to national fleets. Our clients include customers in industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Catering, Ice Cream, Flowers, Meat and Poultry, Seafood, as well as Couriers and Drinks Suppliers. Call us today on 0845 5212 036 for a free quote or visit our website for more details.