Used Freezer Vans For Sale

If you are looking to buy a used freezer van, you probably have a budget in mind. At Glacier Vehicles, we offer the best quality used freezer vans for sale. No matter your budget, we have the right van for every type of business that needs them. If you’re looking for a chiller unit that can sustain freezing temperatures for poultry, meat, seafood or any other temperature-sensitive item, then consider our affordable fleet of refrigerated vehicles. Our used freezer vans have thick layers of insulation, which make them ideal for transporting temperature-sensitive products across the UK and Europe.

What are Used Freezer Vans Used For?

A used freezer van can help a manufacturer have a direct link with the end users of their product. They are used to transport many types of temperature-sensitive freight, which makes them especially useful in the safe transit of food, flowers, art, and pharmaceuticals across the country. There are regulations regarding food temperature control. In compliance with the MHRA regulations, our vans come with essential controllers like in-cab display to monitor the temperature of the vans.

To have a consistent cold chain supply process, you need a trusted and reliable vehicle. At Glacier Vehicles, our vans are fitted with insulated lining kits which help to keep your products in great condition. Our special relationships with vehicle suppliers of different brands give you the opportunity to choose from some of the best fridge vans at affordable prices.

2018 Ford Transit 350 L3 H3 130ps Euro 6 Freezer Van For Sale

2018 (18 reg.)

2017 Volkswagen Caddy C20 Freezer Van For Sale

2017 (17 reg.)

2019 Ford Transit Custom 300 L1 H1 105ps Euro 6 Freezer Van For Sale

2019 (19 reg.)

2013 Mercedes Sprinter 313 CDI Freezer Box Van For Sale

2013 (63 reg.)

2017 Mercedes Citan 109 CDi 1.5 LWB Euro 6 Freezer Van For Sale

2017 (67 reg.)

2017 Ford Transit Connect T200 L1 ULEZ Freezer Van For Sale

2017 (66 reg.)

2018 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 2.0 TDi Freezer Van For Sale

2018 (18 reg.)

Temperature-controlled Used Freezer Vans for Your Transportation and Logistics Needs

Temperature-controlled vehicles play a vital part in the supply chain system. It is almost impossible to visualise the delivery” >service industry without highlighting the important role played by freezer vans.

Maintaining the temperature of your goods in logistics is essential to the success of all parties involved in the supply chain process. If your business involves the production, sales, and delivery of fresh and perishable edibles like dairy, fish, and meat, or if you are in the medical supply industry or the floral industry, then you will need one of our used freezer vans that come in different sizes – large, medium, and small.

Moving perishable products at an accurate temperature can be a challenge, especially if the right vehicle is not used during the distribution and storage cycle. Our team at Glacier Vehicles recognises the importance of a reliable temperature-controlled vehicle, and we provide you with a variety of used freezer vans to choose from.

Numerous pharmaceutical companies take advantage of our used freezer vans. Their supply chain process requires the movement of fragile and temperature-sensitive medical supplies, from production, to delivery to the end user. Medical supplies can disintegrate if they are exposed to fluctuating temperatures. This can sometimes lead to death, depending on the product. At Glacier Vehicles, we can give you the means to prevent your products from deteriorating, by helping your company master the process of temperature-controlled transportation.

Our vans are perfect for business owners in the fish industry. If your company deals with the sale and delivery of flowers, you can also use our vans to keep your products from wilting prematurely. The fragrance industry can also profit from our cost-effective and superior used freezer vans. Our refrigerated trucks can keep your merchandise at a cool temperature, and prevent the chemicals in the fragrances and cologne water from heating up and altering their scent.

Galleries, museums, and art firms that deliver priceless pieces, especially older artworks with delicate canvases, paints, or oils that are sensitive to an unstable temperature, can also benefit greatly from our wide range of used freezer vans.

How Used Freezer Van Units Work

Converting a van into a used freezer van should be undertaken as a DIY project. There are many things at stake, especially if you are dealing with items for human consumption. A poorly converted van could end up being harmful to your clients, and the reputation of your organisation can be adversely affected.

At Glacier Vehicles, we convert vans using an insulation lining kit with 75mm thick material. Our used freezer vans have two chief elements: the mechanical cooling part, and the insulation part. The function of the mechanical cooling system is to extract heat that has accumulated inside the chamber of the van, while insulation prevents external heat from coming in. Mechanisms such as the compressor, evaporator, and condenser cannot function without insulation.

Thermal insulation is a key element of a used freezer van because it helps in the reduction of heat transfer. There are so many cheap insulation materials in the market today that aren’t suitable, and can be detrimental to your business if they’re installed in your fridge van.

At Glacier Vehicles we pride ourselves on offering the best-quality freezer vans for sale. The insulation material used in our temperature-controlled vehicles is much denser than that used in household freezers. The entire surface area of our used freezer vans is framed with thick layers of impenetrable polymer foam that prevents external heat from getting into the cooling compartment.

Once the insulation foam has been fitted, the inside is then further padded with a coating that prevents the polymer foam from getting destroyed while storing and unloading your merchandise from the van.

There are two distinct types of protective coating:

  • Wet lay: This coat is like resin flooring – it uses a liquid polymer that solidifies immediately upon contact with air. Once this coat is dry, it turns into a tight and smooth white layer that is 100% hygienic and washable.
  • Dry lay: This coat is somewhat different from the wet lay. It involves installing solid tiles in the insulated compartment. Dry lay is less efficient because it doesn’t fill in gaps in the same way as wet lay does. After installation, there are tiny spaces between the tiles which can easily foster mould and bacteria.

Our vans use a direct drive mechanism to run the refrigeration compartments, using the power generated by the vehicle’s engine. The freezer unit in our used freezer van is simple enough that anyone can understand how to use it. On the interior cover of the freezer van, you will find an evaporator, a compressor, and a condenser arranged in a case.

The condenser, which is similar in shape to a radiator, functions as a backward radiator. Instead of emitting heat, it sucks up and traps heat into a thin metal pipe which is filled with a coolant liquid that circulates through it. The liquid is then transformed into a gas as it heats up, and is transferred to the compressor. The compressor compresses the gas until it reaches high pressure, and then passes it to the evaporator.

The evaporator’s job is to maintain a low temperature in the van by forcing external air through the pressured gas, which then chills, turning it back into a liquid, which is cycled back through the system. The accumulated heat in the thin metal pipe of the condenser is then discharged into the environment.

The freezing units in each of our used freezer vans at Glacier Vehicles have high standards of reliability and safety, allowing our chilling compartment to maintain precise conditions of around 30⁰C to -18⁰C. We install temperature data logging units that actively record the temperature level of the van, and they can be found in the loading space of our freezer van.

We use lightweight, durable and hard-wearing GRP sheeting stuffed with a roving coating to cover the surface of the insulation. This allows us to minimise the van’s weight, which is better than using large timber components. During this process, the durability and strength of our vans are not jeopardised. We can also fit extra finishing options of your choice, and a load-bearing floor panel. The inner surface of the insulated panels will be the only visible part, as we install treated wood boarding that prevents rot and keeps your cargo safe.

What are the components used in your used freezer vans/conversions built with?

Over the years, there has been an increase in demand for personalised freezer vans. To help meet this demand, we have employed expert personnel – designers, engineers, and technicians – who are ready to install high-quality components into your van.

At Glacier Vehicles we equip our vans with modernised controllers that aid your delivery process. Our used freezer vans come with temperature regulators that sustain the freezing temperatures of the vans over a long period of time. We have also discovered that businesses dealing with unpacked raw foods often encounter problems with the removal of moisture condensing on the floor of their van. Our vans come installed with a drainage hole and basin for easy sanitation to help with this common issue.

All our vans are built with the most suitable materials, such as high-density polymer foam to minimise heat. Our used freezer vans also come with new controllers to help improve the efficiency of the system and monitoring in the fridge van. Some features of these new installations are:

  • Internal sensors that detect an open circuit and overcurrent.
  • In-cab display that detects, analyses, diagnoses, and sends codes if any fault develops. Each fault is logged, with a start and end time so you can monitor the van closely.
  • Discharge pressure and air temperature logged every 2 to 300 seconds.
  • A door switch that is wired to the condenser, to monitor when the doors are opened or closed.
  • Preventive maintenance that increases the road time of your vehicle.
  • A smart fan kit that analyses faults and prolongs the lifespan of the van.

Additional components like a six-speed gearbox, overnight standby mode (when required), cruise control, remote central locking, side load door for security, and a higher roof to are also included in our used freezer vans.

Insulated cool box/cargo compartment

The insulated cargo compartment of our used freezer vans is customised to suit your needs. It is built with dual compartments to enable multiple uses and a delivery system at the same time.

Each of the compartments comes with different internal temperatures: the refrigeration compartment comes with a 0°C to +5°C temperature and the freezer compartment with 0°C to −25°C. We can also customise different compartment combinations depending on the customer’s specifications.

Refrigerated Vans Cargo Options

At Glaciers Vehicles we have extensive personalised options that can be added to our range of vans to ease your daily use. These options include, but are not limited to: Hanging meat rails.
  • Wet load or slip resistant floors which prevent excess moisture on the floor of the van.
  • A shelving system that allows you to browse through your inventory in the van.
  • An overnight standby system that allows you to plug your van into mains electricity.
  • A bespoke panel van conversion to suit your needs.
  • Types of Used Freezer Van

    • Large size used freezer vans
    • Medium size used freezer vans
    • Small size used freezer vans

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  • Ford Transit Connect T230
  • Citroen Berlingo
  • Vauxhall Combo L2
  • Vauxhall Combo L1
  • Used Freezer Van Features

    As standard, all our used freezer vans are inspected by our team of engineers to ensure that they meet the needs of our customers. Some features of our used freezer vans include: A warranty that covers the vehicle for 100,000 miles or 3 years from the date of purchase. This helps you save on the cost of any mechanical repairs if a fault prematurely develops (this rarely occurs).
  • Connecting you with a reliable third-party insurance company in your area after purchasing your van, as it is illegal to operate a van without some form of insurance.
  • Our vans come with GRP insulation and a brand new chilling system.
  • We also offer top-of-the-line after-sales services. We offer round-the-clock (24 hour) service to assist you if there are any problems.
  • Our vans are water resistant. This extends the lifespan of your investment, as deterioration will be minimised and the frame of your van will remain intact.
  • Our vans have high R-value insulation material that prolongs the lifespan of the chilling unit, and increases its performance.
  • We have designed the chambers in our large used chiller vans intelligently for easy cleaning.
  • Our used freezer vans also have a cold chain management system that allows your vehicle to function normally, from the delivery of source materials to the manufacturers, up to delivery to the end user.
  • Our used freezer vans decrease the growth of mould and bacteria.
  • Our team of engineers are specialists in GAH, Carrier, Sanden, Hubbard, Thermo King and Tempcon refrigeration systems, and can help fix the temperature control system in your van. We have a fleet of vans to choose from at the most competitive prices. We simplify your buying process by allowing flexible payment options, and offering some of the best prices available in the UK. We know how busy you can be when striving to build your business so we offer free delivery nationwide.

    Optional Extras

    We understand your concern for the safety of your products and the need to never compromise the quality of your goods, and that is why we can install extra monitoring and recording tools, to ensure that the temperature in the van’s cargo area is constant and your goods are kept at the right temperature.

    We can also add other features to our vans, like a six-speed gearbox, cruise control, side loading doors, remote central locking for security, electrical standby functionality, a high roof to increase accommodation space, an alarm, LED daytime running lights, air conditioning, Bluetooth, and rear parking sensors.

    How Many Refrigerated Vans Do You Keep in Stock at Your Dealership?

    There has been a rapid increase in demand for used freezer vans, so we continuously add to our ever-increasing number of vehicles. We have a minimum of 50 used freezer vans in stock at our dealership, and these vehicles are of different models and makes to suit a variety of unique needs. We have a range of vans you can purchase; from popular models like Peugeot Boxer 335 L3 H2 to the Volkswagen Crafter LWB Freezer Van.

    We have built our company reputation on the sale of reliable and strong commercial vehicles. Every van is thoroughly tested to ensure it is in good condition.

    How Much Do refrigerated vehicles Cost?

    Our relationships with insulation engineers, refrigeration supply companies and major commercial temperature-controlled vehicle manufacturers, have enabled us to sell our vehicles at competitive prices. We will not only help you get the ideal van for your business, but you will also get the best price, with a flexible payment option.

    As you look through our catalogue, you will see that our prices are competitive and our used freezer vans start from as low as £6,000. One benefit of getting a van from us is that you are assured that you are getting the best value for your money. Prices of the van also depend on the model, the size and conversion type.

    Here are the prices of some of our used freezer vans:

    • 2016 Ford Transit 350 L2 L3 125ps Freezer Van (£20,995).
    • 2014 Volkswagen Caddy 1.6 TDi Maxi Freezer Van (£13,995).

    At Glacier Vehicles, we know what is required to grow a business. With over 20 years of experience under our belt, we understand that each of our clients has different needs, so we go through a thorough consultation session with each client to know exactly what they need to grow their business.

    Contact us today on 0208 668 7579 to learn how we can help you grow your business. Upon contacting us, we will endeavour to give you the best advice to help you choose the best service and van for your needs.

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