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Refrigerated Van Dealership From Glacier Vehicles

Glacier Vehicles is a strong player in the industry of manufacturing refrigerated vehicles for the temperature controlled transport sector. Having a mission to understand, innovate and lead the industry, we consider and understand our clients’ needs and seek to satisfy them by providing vehicles that meet, and surpass, expectations. Not satisfied with using the available methods, we bring forth new ideas, methods and products to give more value to our customers. Commitment, integrity, a need for excellence, and passion for what we do are our core values. We strive to deliver excellence in innovation, execution and customer service to give our clients the perfect customer experience.

To this end, we have a wide range of refrigerated vehicles in stock that are ready to be delivered immediately. All our vehicles, new or used, come with a brand new refrigeration unit and insulation kit designed to perform optimally throughout the lifespan of the vehicle. We also have the newly introduced box van that has been a real revelation in the industry. Its high quality design, payload capacity, and general robustness has been incredible.
We do not just sell our refrigerated vehicles and then forget our customers, we provide an aftersale services as well. With an experienced nationwide aftersale department, we provide nationwide coverage for the maintenance, service, and repair of our fridge and freezer vans. This makes us your one-stop shop for refrigerated vehicles.
Our refrigerated vehicles come completely registered and set up with all your conversion requirements. We offer free UK delivery on our vehicle sales and even a price match promise. We will beat any price deal you see elsewhere by £50! . We also offer flexible finance options; to find out which option suits you best, please contact our finance department and one of our staff members will be more than happy to help you.

To help you get the best deal, we have put together a list of some of the most asked questions by our clients.

Which vehicle brand is the best?

This is one of the most commonly asked question. At Glacier vehicles, we offer a variety of brands, all prestigious. The reason for this is that we want to provide you with a variety of options to choose from. Glacier Vehicles have refrigerated vehicles for the following brands:


All our Citroen refrigerated vans,new and used, are highly impressive machines with unique characteristics. We also have a variety of freezer vans to enrich the quality of your service.
If a Citroen refrigerated vehicle is your preferred choice, we are more than happy to recommend the perfect van, ideal for your business and at a great price to you. Whether you are looking to start your business or add to an existing fleet, contact us to get a fantastic deal on the perfect Citroen refrigerated van. See a list of our Citroen vehicleshere.


Vauxhall provides a wide range of vehicles, giving buyers the opportunity to make a choice of what works best for them. We at Glacier Vehicles can help you do just that, as we have the best models of Vauxhall vans to choose from, available here.


A globally-recognised automobile brand revered for its performance and luxury, Mercedes is a top selection amongst many businesses. Glacier Vehicles boast a fine collection of Mercedes refrigerated vehicles and can have it delivered straight to you.


For many years now, Renault has been the number one LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) brand in Europe, developing a wide range of quality vans and buses suited to any business need. It is only natural then that Renault’s range of refrigerated vehicles are one of the most sought after choices when deciding which temperature-controlled van to choose.


A globally-recognised Japanese automobile brand, Toyota vehicles are renowned for their fuel efficiency and smooth transition. We have an array of these Japanese-built refrigerator vans in stock. As with other brands, we can also carry out a freezer conversion on your van.

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Due to their agility and cost effectiveness, Fiat vans are quite popular in the UK. To this end, we have a range of Fiat refrigerated vehicles available. Each model is different in what it offers and you can easily find one that suits your business needs here.


An internationally known Italian brand, Iveco is a vehicle whose quality is recognised. What’s more, their refrigerated van offers the advantages of being low maintenance and spacious. Take a look at our Iveco page and find out which model suits your business needs.


Glacier Vehicles have refrigerated vehicles of this German-engineered automobile brand that can solve all your temperature-controlled transportation needs. Simplyvisit our Volkswagen page and make your choice.


Peugeot brands are known to be extremely durable- they are built to last. Is that what you want the most? Are you looking for a Peugeot temperature-controlled freezer van for your business deliveries? Then reach out to us today and get a van suitable for your business needs from us.


Does the Nissan automobile brand tickle your fancy? Do you need a reliable, affordable Nissan freezer van? Perhaps you want to add to your collection of top-quality Nissan refrigerated vehicles with custom cooling solutions for your business? Then contact us at Glacier vehicles and let us help you solve these needs.


When it comes to automobile efficiency and quality, Ford is an instantly recognisable brand worldwide. Their vehicles also exhibit exceptional durability. For those who are Ford fans, Glacier Vehicles have some vans in stock available for purchase.

How long does a Fridge Van Conversion take?

At Glacier Vehicles, a fridge van Conversion usually takes a week or two from the day the vehicle arrives at our premises. The reason for the variation is the availability of stock. Speak to our sales team for more details.

What is the warranty on therefrigeration unit?

Glacier Vehicles offer a 24 months warranty on the refrigeration units provided with the conversion.

How thick is the insulation in arefrigerated vehicle?

The insulation lining in a Glacier Vehicle refrigerated van will be 75mm for a freezer van or 50mm for a fridge van.

What is an Overnight Standby and do all refrigerated vehicles have it?

An Overnight Standby is an electrical plug-in addition that keeps a fridge van operating when the vehicle’s engine is turned off. While most fridge vans have it, it does not come by default, so the customer will have to specify whether they want this feature.

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What makes Glacier Vehicles unique?

Some of our unique qualities that help us stand out from the competition and make customers keep coming back to us are –

In-House Manufacturing

With a team of expert engineers, we manufacture our own panels in-house. We use light, strong and water-resistant materials pressed together under a vacuum. This makes it possible for us to deliver custom units to our clients, giving them just what they ordered.

Range Of Refrigeration Units

We are not rigid. We understand the concept of variety and so offer a range of refrigeration units, which include Thermo King, Carrier, GAH, Diava and Hubbard. We also offer our clients a choice of having both engine-driven and electrically-powered units, with a further option of a single or three-phase electric standby for when the vehicle is stationary for an extended time.

Refrigerated Vehicle Specialists

With several decades of experience in the refrigeration industry and unmatched knowledge, Glacier Vehicles are specialists in the industry. Whatever your individual refrigerated vehicle needs are, Glacier Vehicles will meet and surpass them.

Fast Turnaround Time

We offer a swift turnaround time, as we get most conversions ready within 1 week, which allows us to offer uniquely good lead-times. We are committed to getting your vehicles ready quickly without compromising our high standards.

24 Month Warranty

We are so confident of our products that we offer a 24-month warranty against defective processes and materials within the lining.

High Standards of Customer Service

We are customer focused, so it is the norm for us to offer top quality service from the beginning – choosing the right equipment, and with our ongoing aftersale service. We do not just sell any refrigerated vehicle unit to our customers. We get to know them, their business and unique requirements to serve them efficiently. We want all of our customers to not just be one-off customers but to be Glacier Vehicles customers long term.

Temperature-Controlled Vehicles at the Best Price

This is a unique feature that makes Glacier Vehicles appeal to many of our clients. As a result of the prosperous relationships with all of the major commercial vehicle manufacturers, along with insulation engineers and refrigeration companies over the years, we receive and pass on significant discounts to our customers. They are not just getting the best possible refrigerated van or van conversion, but also the best possible price.

Improve Your Business Today

For two decades and counting, we have helped companies to upgrade their temperature-controlled vehicles to meet modern demands and better serve their needs and those of their business. And we really have done it! These businesses have recorded impressive growth in sales and in their business sector. So much so that they have become household names – andyou too can benefit. Glacier Vehicles is always ready better equip you to deliver high-quality goods in a more efficient manner to make your business more successful. Due to our experience and expertise, we are in the unique position to guide you in the acquisition of temperature-controlled vehicles, that both best fulfil your business needs and are financially affordable.

So whether you have ambitious plans for growth or want to reduce costs and streamline your delivery service, talk to us today to discuss your next step for your business. We are your trusted partner for the provision of temperature-controlled vehicles, and you can always count on us.

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