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The cab of a truck is an enclosed space in a truck where the driver is seated. The word originated as a short form of cabriolet, not cabin. Some may refer to the tractor unit of a semi-trailer truck as a cab, but this is not the subject of this article. Modern long-haul trucks cabs usually feature air conditioning, a good sound system, and ergonomic seats (often air-suspended).

Best Cabins for Refrigerated Trucks

 The cabin of a truck is the space provided to seat the driver and passengers. Cabins in medium to large trucks usually feature ergonomic seats for driver comfort, especially for long distance hauls. They also have air conditioning and sound systems. When trying to decide what types of cabins are best for your refrigerated transport system, different factors should be examined, including the weight of the cargo, and distance of the journey. Refrigeration systems are usually separate from the truck, and usually operate on a small diesel engine. Proper maintenance of the refrigeration system should ensure that the perishable items contained are kept fresh, regardless of the length of the journey. The three most common types of cabins are the sleeper, the cab over engine (COE), and the conventional cabin. Sleeper trucks contain a compartment attached to the main cab for the driver to rest when not driving. COE trucks have the cabin sitting on top of the engine and the front axle. COEs are more common among light and medium sized trucks. Conventional cabins feature the cabin area in front of the engine, similar to normal pickup trucks. These cabins are favoured for heavy duty trucks. When transporting refrigerated goods, one needs to make sure that both the truck and the refrigeration system are in perfect working condition. If the weight of the perishable cargo is not too large, a light or medium truck can be used. COE trucks or small refrigerated vans are suitable for such a purpose. For larger cargo, heavy duty trucks, with conventional cabins, are used. When delivering refrigerated goods over long distances, it is best to provide sleeper trucks for the comfort of the driver. Popular manufacturers of sleeper trucks include Freightliner International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Volvo. The sleeper section of the cabin adds more to the total weight of the truck. It is, therefore, important to note the weight restrictions of the road, and the amount of fuel required for the journey. Most light and medium trucks can run on gasoline, which is more efficient for short distance trips. However, advancements in diesel technology have placed the fuel almost on equal footing with gasoline, and large trucks maintain diesel as the fuel of choice, especially for long distance journeys. The best thing to do when buying any vehicle is to buy brand new. You can choose many of the accessories you need for the truck, and have them outfitted on the truck in any way you prefer. Unfortunately, brand new trucks are very expensive, and more so with the added costs of the accessories. As a result, many choose to buy used trucks. It is important to check out the truck before making a final decision on your purchase. A properly certified mechanic can check the truck’s engine, body, tires, and other parts to ensure that they are in good condition. Glacier Vehicles will provide HPI, and full performance checks on all used vehicles, with all refrigerated vehicles retaining the remainder of their manufacturer’s warranty. Visit Glacier Vehicles today for all your refrigerated truck needs.

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