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Efficient low-cost food distribution 

Glacier Vehicles is the one stop shop for all your food distribution needs. Do you need to transfer frozen foods from storage facilities to your grocery store? Or get fresh foods from the farmers’ market to public retailers? If you deal in sea foods and won’t let them lose their habitat on transit to your delicious restaurant, then Glacier Vehicles is the only answer to getting your food when and exactly how you need it.

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Cold chain

We specialise in cold chain service delivery. Cold chain is a refrigeration service that applies controlled temperature mechanisms for delicate foods like fruits and vegetables, sea food, dairy products, meat, and some kind of drinks. Different kinds of food require different kind of temperatures to stay fresh and nutritious. And we know just how cool your food needs to be! Even if you need unbroken cold chain, our vehicles are your best business partners.

The vans and trucks at our disposal are made by the best auto companies in the world. Our fleet of refrigerated vehicles beat the warranty periods and still stay strong, giving you what you want all day every year. And with the most-skilful insulation engineering crew which Glacier Vehicles boasts of, your business is well positioned for a quantum leap growth from the moment you choose us.

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Chain stores

We understand how difficult it is to own and run chain stores. You don’t want different product qualities in your series of stores. Of course, maintaining the same unique and superb quality across all your shops is the magic wand to a lifetime success. That’s why Glacier Vehicles is the food distribution system you can trust, because we understand how important product quality is to you and your customers.

Whatever kind of vehicle you need: be it new or used; van or truck; refrigerator or freezer; we have all types in stock. And over forty of them at every time, so you can choose the best solution for your business needs.

used refrigerated vans, used freezer vans, new refrigerated vans or new freezer vans, Glacier Vehicles can provide your buisness with the solution its needs.

Retail Cooperatives in Coulsdon

A retail cooperative helps you join resources with other retailers to buy from the manufacturers directly. This gives you huge savings when compared to buying from wholesale middlemen.

If you are into a retail cooperative business or are looking to belong, we will help you save those profits you are getting. It’s all about distributing the food products you buy from production fields to the member retailers in good time and perfect condition. Whatever the size of your retail cooperative, we are on top of the food distribution game.

Public retail markets

The method you use to get your food product from the point of purchase to your store matters a lot. In fact, it has a direct effect on the quality of the product you sell to your customers and, consequently, on the size of your customer base.

Public retail markets are replete with food product quality issues. Every retailer seeks to maximise profits, and some do this by resorting to unprofessional food distribution mechanisms. In the long run, customers get to know that something is wrong with the quality, and they begin to look elsewhere. You don’t want this to happen, because you can’t afford to lose one customer.

That is why you have to choose a trusted food distribution company. We have a strong business relationship with all our clients, and we would be most delighted to help you grow your customer base. Customers from all parts of Coulsdon will seek you out because of the unbeatable quality of your merchandise.

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Supermarkets and Grocery stores have now become the most popular food shopping centre. People favour these markets because they pick up all that their family needs, both fresh and packaged goods, from one place. The convenience of this shopping type puts the stores owners on the spotlight of the food business.

Use Glacier vehicles to transport your seafood, fresh vegetables, succulent fruits, and other food products to your store. Do you need to make a delivery to your customers? Our vehicles, the best brands there is, are always available for your use.

Food shops

Dealing on only foods can be very tricky since items can easily get damaged or rot. Extra care needs to be taken to keep goods looking and tasting as if just harvested. The level of nutrition your customers derive from the food you sell them is of utmost importance. The more nourished your customers are, the more they grow.

So if you are looking to own a food store or already have one, you need a reliable refrigerator to keep your goods as fresh as new. We are the best refrigeration company in Breakfield and Coulsdon, and you can totally depend on us.

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Street food and restaurants

Are you a street food vendor or a restaurant owner? Glacier Vehicles has got all your transport need under perfect control. Delicious meals cannot be made from a stale or contaminated food. You need our outstanding refrigerated van service to deliver your merchandise fresh and uncorrupted. We make sure your customers keep coming back for more.

Food Storage

Storing food well is essential for consistent supply and sales. It eliminates contamination and preserves the quality of the items in store. When you employ effective food storage mechanism, your customers are guaranteed constant and adequate availability of goods. And you top your sales while competitors who are less systematic calculate their losses. You don’t want to be at the losing side.

Our very competent engineers are committed to rendering you unbeatable refrigeration services that keep those delicacies where they rightly belong.

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Efficiency of food distribution has to do with the quality, quantity, and variety of foods made available to the target customers. It also involves delivering the required products at the lowest cost possible. A distribution mechanism isn’t efficient if it does not have the capacity to sustain a stable supply.

Glacier Vehicles in Breakfield is the most cost-effective transport solution for your food. We are the master in efficient distribution of edibles in the whole of Coulsdon and surroundings.

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