Used Refrigerated Vans For Sale

With used fridge vans in-stock here at Glacier Vehicles, we can ensure fast order fulfilment. Over 300 used Temperature Controlled vans available, so we have a comprehensive range of refrigeration vans for sale. If you transport refrigerated cargo of perishable goods then you need reliable used fridge vans.

Searching for refrigerated vans? You are on the right page. Our fridge vans keep perishable goods fresh for longer, impressing your customers and winning you more orders. Inquire today.

New Ford Transit 350 L3 H3 130ps Euro 6 Fridge Van For Sale

2022 (22 reg.)
2000 cc

New Ford Transit Custom 280 L1 H1 Euro 6 105ps Fridge Van For Sale

2022 (22 reg.)
2000 cc

Why should you buy a used Fridge vans from our experts?

If you need used fridge vans, then our dedicated refrigerated vehicle specialists can help. Glacier Vehicles sell fully checked refrigeration vehicles, like Mercedes, Renault, Ford or Fiat.

Glacier Vehicles is unique in the industry with not only several decades of experience and unmatched knowledge of all types of fridge vans and freezer vans on the market, but also in our dedication to our customers over our own bottom line.

Our refrigerated van dealership is the best in the business, regularly supplying high quality new and used fridge vans, freezer vans and van conversions to happy customers.

Glacier Vehicles have extensive workshop facilities with highly trained engineers to cater for your entire refrigerated vehicle needs.

If you are looking for high quality cold chain vehicles, with refrigeration units for temperature-controlled vans, or fridge transport at a very a specific temperature, then browse our extensive range of used fridge vans in stock now.

What types of refrigerated vans are there?

There are four main categories of affordable refrigerated vans: Insulation-only van – An insulation-only van has a cargo area that is lined with a 50-millimetre layer of insulation. The type of insulation varies and is usually either Styrofoam or polystyrene. Insulated panel vans are not used for food but are more in use for non-edible items that need refrigerating.

Chiller conversion van – Chiller vans are insulated with a 50-millimetre layer of insulating material and also have a chill refrigerator. These vans are used for items that need refrigerating but not freezing.

Semi-freezer conversion van – A semi-freezer van has a 75-millimetre layer of insulation and a refrigeration system with either hot-gas defrost or reverse-cycle defrost. You can keep food as low as -10 to -15 degrees Centigrade.

Full-freezer conversion van – These full-freezer vans have a 75-millimetre layer of insulation and reinforced doors. The refrigeration systems are either reverse-cycle or hot-gas defrost. You can keep products at -20 degrees Centigrade with these existing features.

Temperature, transportation and logistics.

Refrigerated vehicles are vital for transportation, logistics and businesses that require temperature-controlled environment. The role that refrigerated vehicles play in many businesses is underrated. Maintaining the temperature of the items that you are delivering is essential to the success of your business. Glacier Vehicles can offer exceptional advice on the reliable refrigerated vehicle would suit your business best. We can also advise you on the size that will match your cargo capacity, as we have a wide range of controlled vehicles from small to medium to large.

Glazier Vehicles offers knowledge on how to maintain a temperature-controlled refrigeration vehicle. Temperature control can lead to success or it can deeply affect your business. Our refrigeration units are especially suitable for businesses in the fish industry, or businesses that deal with the delivery and sale of flowers. If you are a business that is responsible for the delivery of a large number of items, our refrigerated trucks are suitable for keeping your stock at a cool temperature, preventing your stock from losing its value.

How refrigerated van unit work?

Glazier Vehicles does not only deal with the sale of refrigerated vans, we also do van conversion by adding an insulation lining kit 75 mL of thick material. In today’s market, there are many low-cost materials being used that are not suitable for refrigerated vehicles, and that could be the end of your business if you install these into your temperature-controlled van.

Glazier Vehicles offers high quality refrigerated vehicles for sale. The surface that is used inside the refrigerated van is lined with thick layers of impenetrable polymer foam, thus preventing any external heat from entering the cooling compartment. After the insulation foam has been applied, the inner parts of the van are then applied with another layer that ensures the polymer foam will not be harmed in the process of storing and unloading stock from the vehicle.

Protective coating

First is Wet lay – it consists of liquid polymer that will solidify as soon as it makes contact with air. Once dry, it will then become a tight and soft white layer that is also hygienic and washable. Dry lay – this entails fitting solid tiles into the insulated compartment. This is less efficient due to it not filling in the gaps the way in which Wet lay does.

Using the power that the vehicle’s engine generates, the refrigerated vans would use a drive mechanism in order to run the refrigeration compartment. The freezer inside the refrigerated van is accessible and easy to understand for refrigerated van users. Inside the refrigerated van, you will find an evaporator, a compressor, and the condenser.

A condenser, could be described as a backward radiator. Rather than emitting heat, it attracts heat through a metal pipe which is then met with a coolant liquid that will circulate through it. That liquid will then become gas and is then transferred over to the compressor. The compressor’s job is to compress that gas up to where it meets high-pressure, which is then passed on to the evaporator. The evaporator will maintain low temperature by forcing any external air via the pressured gas, which will then turn it back into a liquid and will finally make its way back through the system.

Refrigerated vehicles at Glazier Vehicles are held high in standards when it comes to safety and reliability, which allows the cooling compartment to maintain specific conditions of 30°C to -18°C. In the loading space of the vehicle you will find logging temperature data units that pick up on the temperature of the van.

Components we use in refrigerated vans.

In order to meet demands regarding personalised fridge vans, we have a team of expert employees, such as engineers, technicians, and designers. The employees at Glazier Vehicles are eager to install high quality components in any refrigerated vehicle. Glazier Vehicles deliver temperature regulators in order to sustain the cool temperatures of the vans for a long amount of time.

Glazier Vehicles will adapt to any need that you have and are top vehicle refrigeration experts. Here are some of their newest features. Internal sensors used to detect any open circuit or overcurrent in cab-like display to detect, analyse, diagnose, and send codes in the chance at any fault should develop. Each fault is logged, including the time it starts and ends so you then find it easier to monitor your van. Discharging press and air temperature is logged every 2 to 300 seconds. A switch in the doors which is wired to the condenser, this is to monitor when the doors are opened or closed.

Cargo compartment and insulated coolbox

The insulated cargo compartment is designed to suit all of your needs. Including dual compartments in order to enable many uses with a delivery system also. Each compartment includes different internal temperatures, the refrigeration compartment includes a 0°C to 5°C temperature while the freezer compartment includes 0°C to -25°C. Customising different compartment combinations is also available depending on your specifications.

Cargo options

Glacier Vehicles offer in-depth personalised options that can be arranged for your freezer van or refrigerated truck, ideal for commercial delivery. The options include, hanging meat rails. Slip resistant floors in order to prevent excess moisture of the vehicle. Shelves that will facilitate you to look through your stock on the inside of the van. An overnight standby system which will allow you to access electricity in the temperature-controlled van.

Types of refrigerated vans

Used refrigerated vans, large. Used refrigerated van, medium. Used refrigerated vans, small. All matching your exact needs and are available and currently in stock.

Refrigerated Vans Conversions

When we purchase used vans to convert into refrigerated vehicles, we undertake in-depth vehicle, equipment and product testing.

All of our used refrigerated vehicles and chiller vans are of the same high quality and standards of any new refrigerated vehicle, but available at a lower price.

We can even do refrigerated vehicle conversions to the customer specification.

By performing these checks on each and every used refrigerated vehicle, you can be confident that your used refrigerated van is ready to go.

Vehicles we recommend.

Renault Traffic, Mercedes-Benz Vito, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Toyota ProAce, Renault Master, Nissan NB Crafter, Nissan NV, Toyota HiAce, Fiat Ducato, Volkswagen Transporter, Fiat Doblo, Volkswagen Caddy, Mercedes Citan, Peugeot Bipper, Renault Kangoo/ZE, Ford Transit Connect T230, Citroen Berlingo, Vauxhall Combo L2, Vauxhall Combo L1, Vauxhall Vivaro.

Refrigerated van features

The refrigerated vans are often inspected in order to make sure that they are up to the refrigerated cargo volume you need. They are fit to meet your every need. The temperature-controlled vehicles at Glazier Vehicles offer a wide variety of refrigerated vehicle features, here are some features included in the vehicles. Warranty that will cover the refrigerated vehicle for three years starting the day it was purchased or a hundred thousand miles.

This will additionally save you from purchasing any mechanical repairs. They will supply you with a trustworthy insurance company. They also include GRP insulation and new chilling systems in each van. They offer 24-hour service, ready to assist you if you engage in any problem. Their vehicles are water resistant. The vans are designed in a way that cleaning it becomes an easy process.

Refrigerated vans will not allow the growth of mould or bacteria. While glazier vehicles do a great deal on their refrigerated vehicles and what comes with it, here are some features regarding the physicality of a typical used Glacier fridge van. They include high roofs, remote central locking, interior height, sideloading door, insulated bodywork, refrigeration space, multifunction steering wheel, airtight insulated area, rear-view camera, roof condenser, lock brakes, air quality sensor, manual, and many more

Why should I choose GLACIER VEHICLES?

As experts, at GLACIER VEHICLES we are the team to contact when you need used refrigerated and chiller vans across the UK. We offer a large range of vans and fridge vans which also includes new, used and second hand. We have over 60 years of industry experience.

Our company has been established for 20 years, so when you need fridge vans, freezer vans, temperature-controlled vehicles and refrigeration vans, GLACIER VEHICLES is the team to call on. We can also provide you top quality vans, a dedicated service, and one year warranty. Simply get in touch with our friendly team today.

Our wide choice of available refrigerated vans is regularly updated with the latest models.

We stock quality vehicles

Whether you are looking for just one used fridge van fix or a longer-term refrigerated fleet solution for commercial delivery, the team at Glacier Vehicles have the expertise, quality vehicles and service options to meet your needs. Wherever you want freezer vehicles, whatever model you want and whenever you need one: we are your fridge van hire specialist.

Whether you purchase a new or refurbished temperature-controlled vehicle, we ensure that the vehicle is fitted with new and highly acclaimed insulation kit and refrigeration unit set to serve you through the vehicle life-cycle.

Customer satisfaction

We value our customers’ time and when you buy a fridge vehicle from us you will see first-hand how important it is to us to provide top quality customer satisfaction.

Our friendly and experienced staff works hard to offer you unparalleled customer service for all your needs. They personally check every vehicle before it is hired or sold to ensure that you get unmatched customer services.

Glazier Vehicles makes the payment process suitable for everyone, while also offering some of the best prices available in the UK. They also offer free delivery nationwide.

Safety guaranteed

The safety of your products and trying to avoid compromising the quality of your products is a major concern, which is why we can install extra monitoring and recording tools, that way the temperature in your refrigerator vehicle’s cargo area is consistent. We also provide optional features to our vehicles, such as a six-speed gearbox, cruise control, electrical standby functionality, an alarm, air conditioning, and Bluetooth.

Refrigerated vehicles currently at the dealership

Due to the demand of refrigerated vehicles increasing over time, the number of vehicles we have with us is also continuously increasing. We have at least 50 used refrigerated vehicles in stock as we speak, we offer different makes and models in order to provide a wide variety of freezer vehicles for small and large businesses.

Looking for a Fridge Van Specialist?

Glacier Vehicles have been in the controlled temperature transportation industry for over 3 decades and we have grown to be the most reliable and trusted Refrigerated Vans / Freezer Vans in the whole of the UK.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of customers interested in buying or leasing Refrigerated Vans, Fridge Vans, Refrigerated Vehicle, Freezer vans or Chiller vans.

Glacier Vehicles refrigerated vans specialists are experienced, friendly and always willing to help you get the right freezer vans for your business needs.

Our specialists first get to know your business and your purpose so as to help you choose the right freezer vans in line with your business goals.

We pride ourselves, on our ability to provide refrigerated vehicles and associated services.

We can source, build and supply a new or used refrigerated vehicle or convert your existing vehicle. ‘One Stop Shop’ Our wealth of knowledge and experience allows us to source quality vehicles at competitive prices, which has seen our customer base continue to grow.

What is the average price for a refrigerated vehicle?

Not only do Glazier Vehicles sell their freezer vans at very competitive prices, they will also advise you on which vehicle would best suit your business, with a flexible payment option. If you take a look at our catalogue, you will find that our prices are competitive, our lowest refrigerated vehicle starting at as little as £6000 and we also offer significant discounts for bulk purchase.

We assure you that with every purchase you are receiving not only the best deal on refrigerated vehicles and getting your money’s worth is guaranteed. The prices of most refrigerated vehicles rely on the type of conversion, size and the model.

Prices of selected refrigerated vehicles

2016 Ford Transit 350 L2 L3 125 PS freezer van – £20,995.

2014 Volkswagen Caddy 1.6 TDI Maxi freezer van – £13,995.

Glazier Vehicles are very aware of the essentials of growing a business. With their 20 years of experience, they acknowledge that each customer requires different needs, this means they conduct a detail-oriented consultation with every client in order to know what their specifications are regarding their business.

If you would like our assistance in guiding you on how to grow your business, contact us today on (020) 8668 7579. Once you contact us, we will achieve your goal by giving you the best advice and in helping you choose the ideal freezer van for your needs.

What type of refrigerated van is for me?

To choose the right refrigerated vehicle for your business, you must first consider what you or your business will need a refrigerated van for, as this will give you an insight into the type that would be best and what temperatures you need to be able to transfer your items in. You should also consider how long your items will need to be in the temperature-controlled van for before making your decision.

For example, if you’re looking to let the inside temperature get as low as -25 degrees then you’ll need to look at a van with much more insulation (about 100mm) and an exterior with a specific kind of heavy door to ensure the inside temperature doesn’t fluctuate.

Would you like to demo one of our fridge / freezer van models?

Are you planning to buy a new or used refrigerated vehicle or any temperature-controlled vehicle, or are you considering a contract hire deal for freezer vans? Are you looking for the best deal on insulated commercial vehicles for your frozen food business? You are at the right place.

Glacier Vehicles have been in the controlled temperature transportation industry for over 3 decades and we have grown to be the most reliable and trusted Refrigerated Vans / Freezer Vans in the whole of the UK. Over the years, we have helped thousands of customers interested in buying or leasing Refrigerated Vans, Fridge Vans, Refrigerated Vehicle, Freezer vans or Chiller vans.

In the last few years, return customers and referrals have contributed to over 70% of our total sales, clear proof of our quality and high standards.

Not only will Glacier Vehicles walk you through our Five Step Plan but we will also bring the refrigerated van of your choice to your business, all at a time that meets your needs. You can have peace of mind in all of our used vehicles, which not only undergo HPI checks, but also a full performance check by our team of specialists’ engineers to ensure each and every refrigerated vehicle is in top working order. Not only are they effective from the very first day of purchase, but all of our used refrigerated vehicles come with the remainder of their manufacturer’s warranty.

Over the years, we have had hundreds of customers come to buy our used Refrigerated Vans, Fridge Vans, Refrigerated Vehicle, Freezer vans or Chiller vans, all of who are satisfied with their refrigerated vehicle choices.

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