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United Kingdom

Officially called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or more commonly, Britain or the UK is a sovereign country, off the north-western coast, of the European Islands. The United Kingdom is made up of four constituent countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is ruled by Queen Elizabeth II, since 1952, making her the longest serving current head of state.

The UK is a constitutional monarchy and a unitary parliamentary democracy. The capital of the United Kingdom is London; it is also its largest city and financial centre, with an urban population of 10.3 million.


Before the formation of the present United Kingdom, there have been several combinations of different sovereign states in Great Britain, over the past two thousand years. The islands presently recognised as the United Kingdom were invaded by the Romans, in 55 BC. This occupation introduced the local islanders, to the rest of Europe.

Wales was conquered by King Edward I in 1282, and in 1536, England and Wales England became unified. In 1602, Scotland became a part of the British crown, when King James of Scotland, became King James I of England. This union became official in 1707.

In 1801, Ireland became a part of the union. However, in 1921, many of the Irish rebelled, and the southern part of Ireland became a separate country. The United Kingdom was at its peak in the 19th century, where its empire had covered a quarter of the earth’s surface. It played a major role in the development of the world, spreading democracy, literature and science, all over.


Every ten years, a census is taken at the same time, in all parts of the UK. The estimated population of the UK according to the 2011 census is 63,181,775, making it the third largest country in the EU, and the twenty-second, in the world. The 2011 census also confirmed that the percentage of people older than 65 has more than tripled, from 5% to 16%. The population of England was estimated as 53 million, Scotland 5.3 million, Wales 3.06 million and Northern Ireland, 1.81 million.

The Welsh are considered to be the oldest ethnic group in the UK, but the British people are historically thought to be descended from the Romans, Norse, Celts, Normans and Anglo-Saxons that settled there, before the twelfth century.


The economy of the UK is extremely developed and independent. It has a global trading economy that was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution, in the 19th century. The service industry provides the majority of the contribution, towards the gross domestic product (GDP), while manufacturing provides twenty percent of the total.

The UK has the second largest economy in Europe after Germany, and fifth in the world, based on market exchange rates. The UK’s central bank is the bank of England, and it is responsible for issuing coins and notes in the country’s currency, which is the pounds sterling.

The UK’s automotive industry, is an important part of its economy, employing about 800,000 people, making £34.6 billion from export in 2015 and £70 million in total revenue, for the same period. The agricultural sector is highly mechanised and produces sixty percent of the food needs, and employs 535,000 workers.

Businesses in the UK that Require Refrigerated Vans

Businesses in the UK are diverse and cater for an even more diverse customer base. Customers require several products, and some of these have to be kept in the best conditions until they are delivered. Because of this reason, temperature controlled vans are employed by several businesses, such as;

  • Flower delivery
  • Restaurant
  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmacies
  • Art gallery

Selecting the Best Refrigeration Truck in the UK

Before procuring a temperature controlled transport unit, it is always a good idea to determine what will be required of the vehicle. This is an important step in choosing a van, first thing to determine is if the business requires a new freezer van or a new refrigerated van, this decision is hinged on the temperature appropriate for the goods, to be transported. Next thing to note is whether a nose-mounted unit of a refrigerated truck, will serve better than a roof mounted unit. Whether or not the goods will be defrosted in the van, should also be considered, before selecting a truck.

Why UK Businesses Make Use of Refrigerated Vans

It is estimated that about 6.3 billion cases of food and drinks, are transported each year, in the UK. Ensuring that these items do not get contaminated while in transit, is why businesses employ the use of temperature controlled vehicles. The Food Standard Agency requires vans to be “designed and constructed, to allow adequate cleaning and/or disinfection”.

Contaminated food or produce, poses a risk to the health of the consumers, which is why standards are set, on how they should be transported.

Glacier Vehicles is unique in the industry, with not only several decades of experience and unmatched knowledge, of all types of fridge vans and freezer vans in the market, but also in our dedication to our customers, over our own bottom line.

Refrigerated Vans in the UK

There are several types of new refrigerated vans in the UK, and they are classified based on how they keep their interior cool. They are:

  • Chiller conversion van: this type of refrigerated van has a chill refrigerator, and an internal layer lined with 50mm insulation. It is used to keep goods chilled, but not frozen.
  • Full-freezer conversion van: this type of van has 75mm insulation, and its temperature goes as low as -20o
  • Semi-freezer conversion van: this also have 75mm insulation, but its temperature stays between -10oC and -15o
  • Insulation only van: this type makes use of only insulation.

Refrigerated Vans at Glacier Vehicles

Glacier Vehicles have been providing temperature controlled vehicles, to businesses around Britain, for over twenty years. We provide both used and new vans of the highest quality, as well as vans of all sizes. All the new and used refrigerated vans sold at Glacier Vehicles, come fitted with GRP insulation mechanism, new refrigeration system, as well as a warranty.

If you want to buy a used refrigerated van, a used freezer van, a new refrigerated van or a new freezer van call, Glacier Vehicles on 0208 668 7579.

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