A cool and fresh welcome to all visiting our new blog here at Glacier Vehicles, where we will be discussing all things relating to our vehicles and services over the course of 2011 and beyond! We hope to offer you many posts over the next few months that can answer all your questions regarding our superior customisable refrigerated vehicles and also bring you the latest news in our company and the refrigerated vehicle industry so when you’re looking to buy a single vehicle or perhaps seaching for fleet vehicles we can assist you!!

As always our aim is to provide a quality service that you can trust and gain the correct peace of mind from. In addition our professional and competitive approach to distributing some of the best new and used refrigerated vans, lorries and trucks of all sizes we offer a wide compedium of after sales services to ensure you gain the perfect solution with us. Look out for the latest additions to our fleet of first class, quality assured and fully services used vehicles and if you require a particular bespoke vehicle, we will be more than happy to assist you today.

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