Supply Chain

Supply Chain 

If your business involves the transfer of goods and service, from one point to another, then you are involved in a supply chain. Supply chain refers to a network of organisations, individuals and activities, involved in the transfer of goods and services. This activity starts with the delivery of raw materials to the manufacturer, and ends with the consumer. Examples of supply chain activities include design, farming, refining, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery. 

For many companies, the use of new refrigerated vans is an important aspect of the supply chain network. Refrigerated vehicles help in the transportation of temperature sensitive freight. However, to maintain a consistent and smooth delivery of such complex cargos, you need a reliable refrigerated truck that meets your specification. 

At Glacier Vehicles, we have over 20 years’ experience in the refrigeration industry, and incomparable knowledge. We can help you to choose the right truck for your business, at an affordable price. 

How Refrigerator Van improves the Supply Chain System 

Refrigerator vans are indispensable and vital logistics consideration for most businesses, mainly because they help to boost customer’s satisfaction, reduce operating costs and generally improve finances of a firm. If equipped with the right truck, supply chain has the following advantages: 

  • Enhances Customer Service: Customers expect that their products are delivered at the right temperature, and safe for use. The chiller compartments in our vans, come with different internal temperature, to enable the delivery of different products at the same time. We also offer a 24hour top-of-the-line after-sales services, to assist you in the advent of any problem. 


  • Speed and reliability: Because the shelf life of temperature sensitive products are short, speed and reliability are paramount, to avoid waste. As a standard, all our vans undergo a quality check by our team of engineers, to ensure that your merchandise in the compartment is safe and at the right temperature. 

Our vehicles are strong and reliable, and can plough through any area, in the UK and Europe. Each of our trucks have overnight standby system that allows you to plug your van to electricity. 

  • Reduces toxic consumption: Any collapse in the delivery chain could be life-threatening, as humans depend on refrigerated van supply chains, for the distribution of basic necessities such as food, water, medicines and other pharmaceuticals. 

In compliance with the FDA regulation, our vans come with controllers like in-cab display, to monitor the temperature of the vans. Our trucks also have high R-value insulation material that prolongs the lifespan of the chilling unit, and increases its performance. 

With our vehicles, you are sure of a smooth delivery process. 

The Importance of Refrigerator Van Supply Chain to transport food 

Food service distribution is an important aspect in the Global supply chain. The rise in the demand for the delivery of food items such as fresh food, meat, seafood and pastry has made it important for the food transport industry to rely more on used refrigeration vans. 

             Without food distributors, there would be a shortage in the delivery of food item, as many food service operators and consumers would have to source their ingredients directly from the retail store, manufacturers, and farms. 

How does supply chain work? 

A supply chain involves the systemic efforts of individuals, activities and businesses, involved in the production and the delivery of goods. The supply chain system has 3 key elements, integrated into each entity involved, in the chain. 

  • Product Flow: This includes the movement of products from the manufacturer, to the final user. The timely movement of product and the safety of the product, are key components in a business. At Glacier Vehicles, our vans are built with high-density polymer foam that helps to sustain the coldness of the vans, over a long period of time. 
  • Information flow:  Wrong communication in the supply chain network can lead to a disaster. At Glaciers, we are not insensitive to the fact that you need the right information to be confident about the safety of your product. The last thing your business needs is a rising risk of overheating without anyone noticing, until the product has reached its destination. That is why our vans have extra tools, for monitoring and recording the temperature in the cargo area. Each of our vans come with modernised controllers that detect errors, as soon as they happen, to prevent systematic fault. 
  • Finance flow: Supply chain includes managing the flow of funds between the individuals and organisations involved in the network. Our relationship with vehicle manufacturers, refrigeration companies and insulation engineers, helps us to give you substantial discounts for any type of van you purchase. So, no matter your budget, we can still provide you with a reliable van. 

Types of supply chain 

The supply chain is categorised into 2 parts – supply chain execution systems and supply chain planning systems. 

Supply Chain Planning Systems 

This strategy helps businesses in the planning process.  It provides a balance between the demand and supply of goods. 

Supply chain planning system helps to 

  • Predict demand and prepare a manufacturing plan for products. 
  • Determine where the finished goods are to be stored. 
  • Decide the type of transportation, to deliver the product. 
  • Set the inventory for finished goods, intermediate goods and raw materials. 
  • Determine the quantity a business should make, in order to meet all its customers’ demands. 

At glacier vehicle, we do not just sell any type of van to you, we put your business need first. Our engineers are always ready to assist you in choosing the right van, for your business. 

Our vehicles come with a wide range of personalised options, to suit your business type. 

Supply Chain Execution Systems for Refrigerator Van 

These systems use information and plan created by the supply chain planning system, to guide the storage, transportation and movement of goods. 

Supply Chain Execution Systems helps to: 

  • Manage the movement of merchandises, from the manufacturers to distributors, retailers and finally to customers, in order to ensure the accurate delivery of products. 
  • Helps to provide the exact delivery date to customers, by providing information about the status of orders being processed. 
  • Track the shipment and accounting for the products that have been returned, or are to be repaired and serviced. 

Glaciers vehicles ensure that your freight is delivered safely. We have over 40 reliable vans in stock, which are guaranteed, to perform up to maximum standard, from the day of purchase. 

Each of our refrigerated trucks have additional components like cruise control, side load door, remote central locking for security, and electric standby, for long-distance delivery. With the right refrigerated van at an affordable price, your business will get the boost that it deserves. 

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