2016 Citroen Relay 33 100ps L2 H1 Refrigerated Van Review

2016 Citroen Relay 33 100ps L2 H1 Refrigerated Van Review

Citroen Relay 2009 - 2016 Citroen Relay 33 100ps L2 H1 Refrigerated Van Review

Variety is the spice of the refrigerated van/delivery sector which is why we’ve seen more and more manufacturers stepping up their range in the last decade or so, with long wheel base to short wheel base freezer vans; box storage, high volume, low volume, high power, low power and everything else you can think of.

There’s never really been a better time to invest in a new refrigerated van as part of a fleet for your delivery business, but that degree of choice does come with some complications. How do you know which to choose or which manufacturer to look at?

We’re, hopefully, going to help by checking out the 2016 Citroen Relay 33 100ps L2 H1 freezer van, for you.

What Sets it Apart From its Siblings?

 The Relay 33 stands out in front from the ranks of the Citroen freezer van range mainly due its competitive nature; this van can easily put any other manufacturer’s larger volume refrigerated vans out of the running, and stands apart from some of the earlier Citroen models.

One of its major drawbacks, however, has always been its chassis and body size, which are on the larger side of the freezer van scale. Although this has its obvious advantages for any outfit looking to make long haul, large volume or otherwise weighty deliveries to large supermarket chains or suppliers, it also limits some of the smaller custom that delivery services need to survive in between the ‘larger meals’.

It lacks the same degree of manoeuvrability that might be granted with, say, a Citroen Berlingo class of refrigerated van. The trade-off between flexibility and more powerful storage is something that needs to be taken into consideration upfront.

The actually technology of this van is nothing new, nor nothing to be scoffed at: it runs with a Hubbard 360AM refrigeration system and the usual GRP insulation combination, as well as being a standard manual drive transmission (which shouldn’t be much of a problem within the UK delivery sector).

Where it makes up for some of its lack of finesse, is with its side loading doors which – given the van’s size – grant quite a lot of access when loading it up for longer trips.

That said, owing to this particular freezer van’s reputation and craftsmanship, these 2016 model Citroen  Relay 33’s will retain quite a bit of their market value, meaning resale of this model of freezer van is pretty good when you are looking to upgrade. You can expect affordable maintenance, good running costs and an overall great investment when you opt for this refrigerated vehicle.

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