How much does it cost to rent a fridge / freezer vehicle?

If you only occasionally have to move refrigerated products, then renting a refrigerated van can be a fantastic low cost alternative to purchasing one. However rental prices vary dramatically, based on a large number of different factors.

If you are looking to rent a large refrigerated van, then you’d be right to expect that you’ll have to pay a bit more than if you were renting a medium or small refrigerated vehicle. However the difference might not be as much as you’d think. When you buy a refrigerated van, the larger vans are much more expensive, but in the rental market the difference is a bit more marginal. This means that it will be much more economical for you to rent one large refrigerated van than two smaller ones, but you should also bear in mind that a larger refrigerated van will cost a lot more to run.

If you’re only renting a refrigerated van for a short time, the manufacturer is unlikely to be a huge concern to you. Usually the main benefit of buying a commercial vehicle from a premium manufacturer is the durability and reliability of the engine. However if you are planning to rent the refrigerated van for a longer amount of time or for a particularly long journey, you might be interested in renting a van that has more creature comforts in the cabin. In this situation you’d be wise to go for one of the more premium manufacturers, but of course you can expect to pay a little more for your rental if that is a priority to you.

How is the van cooled?

When it comes to the cooling system in the back of the refrigerated van, the most important element is the insulation. It’s the thickness of the insulation that, for the most part, determines how low the temperature in the van can be stabilized at. As you might imagine, refrigerated vans with thicker and better quality insulation cost a little bit more to rent than refrigerated vans that only have a light layer of insulating foam. This means that if you need to carry goods at a very low temperature then you should expect to put your hand a little bit deeper into your pocket. Freezer vans almost always cost more to rent than refrigerated vans of the same size (click here for our range of fridge and freezer vans).

Most refrigerated vans use a standard mechanical cooling system, which uses a condenser filled with coolant fluid to trap heat and an evaporator system to dissipate it into the atmosphere. These can vary in power, and more powerful systems are useful for refrigerated vans where the door will be opened often. If you are planning to do a delivery run where the refrigerated van will be opened and closed many times, then you’ll need a system that can cope with quickly bringing the temperature back down by expelling the heat that enters when the door is open.  You should ask your rental company whether the cooling system will be suitable for applications like this, but if you do need this facility then you should expect to pay slightly more for your rental.

Some refrigerated vans have several different compartments, and each compartment is held at a different temperature. This can be an extremely useful solution for refrigerated van renters who need to deliver products that are held at different temperatures. It can be a great alternative to renting more than one refrigerated van, if, for example, you need to move both refrigerated and frozen foodstuffs on the same delivery run. However these vans usually cost more to manufacture than standard refrigerated vans, and this cost is generally passed on in the rental price. If you need this facility, you should investigate whether each compartment is cooled by a separate system, or if all the compartments are running off the same system. If you need precise control over temperatures then you will usually require separate systems for each.

Varying costs

Lastly, you should be aware that refrigerated van rental prices could differ wildly between different companies. There are likely to be several different rental companies in your area, so it’s worth shopping around and doing a bit of investigation into which company is the cheapest. Just because one company was the cheapest last time doesn’t mean they’ll be the cheapest again, especially if you are planning to rent a different type of refrigerated van, so make sure you check prices every time you rent.  Glacier Vehicles sells both new and used fridge/freezer vans, check out our stock to see if purchasing a good used vehicle is right for you!

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