How much does it cost to rent a refrigerated van?

Refrigerated van rental companies usually charge varying amounts for rentals, depending on a wide range of different factors.  The first thing they usually take into account is the size of the van. As you might expect, larger refrigerated vans will cost considerably more to rent than the smallest models. This size related difference in price doesn’t just extend to the size of the actual vehicle and payload space, but also the size of the engine. Refrigerated vans with more powerful engines will cost more to rent, and you should also bear in mind that they will cost more to run too. However a powerful engine and a large internal space means that you’ll be able to carry a lot of refrigerated goods, which could be exactly what you need. Sadly this often means you’ll have to pay for it.

Differing Manufacturers

Refrigerated vans from different manufacturers can cost different amounts to rent too. A Mercedes Benz Sprinter, for example, could cost more to rent than a Ford Transit of equivalent size. Of course most refrigerated vans look exactly the same, and you are unlikely to care very much about the badge on the front if you are hiring the van to do a specific job. That means it might be best to just opt for the cheaper manufacturer, as the main benefit of more expensive manufacturers in refrigerated vans is durability and reliability. Since you are only renting, the van should have been recently serviced and reliable, and of course durability won’t be a huge factor.

Differing Cooling Systems

You should consider very carefully the type of temperature you require. If you need extremely low temperatures inside the refrigerated compartment, then you may need a freezer van (click here for more information) rather than a refrigerated van. These tend to be a bit more expensive, not just because they have more powerful cooling systems but also because the insulation is much thicker. If you are planning to move refrigerated goods that are extremely sensitive to temperature, such as meat, fish, or dairy products, then you might need a more precise system than you would otherwise. Again, this can be slightly more expensive.

You should also consider whether having several compartments in the vehicle, all held different temperatures, could be useful for you. This feature means that you can move both frozen and refrigerated goods. It’s more expensive to make a refrigerated van with compartments at multiple temperatures, and this increased cost is usually passed on to the rental customer. The increase in price will depend on whether each compartment has a separate cooling system, or whether it uses a fan kit to blow cold air from the frozen compartment into the chilled compartment.

While all these subtleties will make a different to the price of renting a refrigerated van, you might find that the biggest factor that influences price is the amount of time that you need the refrigerated van for. If price is a big concern for you, you might be able to save money by hiring a larger refrigerated van for one journey rather than using a smaller one for two. Glacier Vehicles sells a number of quality used fridge and freezer vans, which may prove to be more cost effective than renting in the long run.  Give us a call today to discuss which option is right for you!

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