Taking perishable goods across Britain’s road network needs vehicles with purpose-built equipmentto keep them at a regulated low temperature. Meat, fish and dairy producers are the main users of refrigerated vans in the UK. They are designed to run a cooling unit at as low cost as possible for long periods. This is because, though a journey can be planned to take a certain amount of time, there are always the unexpected delays.

Take into account the farmer producing quality beef, lamb or pork. He has had his stock slaughtered on the farm, and now needs to get the meat from a remote corner of the country to market in as short a time as possible, with the meat in as good a condition as possible. For this, the driver must take the quickest route while the van must continue to keep temperatures at preset levels in order to maintain the meat ready for auctioning.

The technology used to maintain these temperatures isn’t new, but it has been improved over the years to use less diesel and be more effective. The worst that could happen for the haulage contractor and the farmer would be for the van to break down en-route to market, and the cargo of meat to be lost in sweltering conditions on the road.

Thus, if you want reliability, check out the refrigerated vans that we have on offer. There is a model for all transport needs.

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