Freezer Vans – why buy one?

053 - Freezer Vans - why buy one?

If your thinking of possibly going into business for yourself, or maybe start a new family business. Freezer vans could open the door to a profitable venture. With a freezer van you could sell fresh and frozen foods right to the customer’s door. If you love to cook for a big group, then catering may be a good choice. This would give you a chance to mix your love of cooking with your freezer van business.

As a catering service you would prepare foods for a wedding, big party, holiday or family reunion. If you love ice-cream, it might be fun to be the neighbourhood ice cream van. There are many uses for a freezer van. And with a good business plan, and some financing, profits could be satisfying. Many people make a good income with freezer vans. If purchasing a freezer van is something you may want to consider, and funds are low.

A used one can be a good investment. A used freezer van in good condition could cost anywhere from 25,000 to 35,000. And that includes those with a 3500 super-duty non-CDL, in good condition. Freezer vans in good condition will have a freezer box with no leeks and a thermostat that works properly.

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I've been working in the refrigerated vehicle industry from the age of 19, and founded Glacier Vehicles when I was 27. Did my starting the business come from the love of white vans? Let's be honest, no(!) but I am a massive foodie, and our refrigerated vehicles allow manufacturers to deliver their produce and ingredients to some of the UK's most prestigious restaurants and food producers, where amazing culinary delights are conceived - a good enough reason for the birth of Glacier Vehicles I'd say! Foodies unite!

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