2017/18 Review of the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Freezer Van

2017/18 Review of the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Freezer Van

Caddi Maxi 2017 18 - 2017/18 Review of the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Freezer Van

Volkswagen continues to take impressive strides that hoisted the German car manufacturer to the elite club of car makers. The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi van, another of its new releases, has been receiving plenty of plaudits from costumers and automobile reviewers. The creatively styled vehicle has been upgraded across most departments to raise not only its visual appeal but also its function. With an improved interior that gives the occupants of the vehicle a homely feel instead of the tense work setting that characterises most vans, the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi can be bestowed the title of an innovative work vehicle. It is the perfect van for those who need an appealing but efficient vehicle for their refrigerator van business.

Load Space

The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi has a smaller cargo space capacity compared to its more robust relative, the Crafter. The load space in its models is dependent on the wheelbase present, with the capacity ranging from 113 cubic feet to 148.3 cubic feet for the two wheelbase variants of 2.681mm and 3.006mm respectively. Another feature that differentiates the Caddy Maxi from the Volkswagen Crafter variants is the absent of a high roof, which plays its part in limiting the cargo space capacity of the smaller Volkswagen van. A maximum payload of about 1,889lbs, however, gives the van some resilience to heavy loads.


All Volkswagen Caddy Maxi vehicles are compliant to Europe’s new combustion policy, with their engines now adhering to the Euro 6 spec. The Caddy Maxi’s 2.0TDI engine, which has three diesel variants, offers a range of impressive outputs that can reach up to 148bhp. The vehicle also has a petrol powered variant, the TSI petrol engine, which has a maximum output that is set at 124bhp. The modification to the specs ensures the efficient consumption of fuel and the release of CO2.


It is difficult to find a more impressive interior than that of the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi as the build quality of the compact van is probably second to none in its niche. For a compact vehicle, it has quite a lot of storage spaces located within the vehicle’s interior including wide door pockets, a dash top holder that can fit a pile of A4 paperwork, a broad overhead shelf, and a glove box that can be shut. With additional storage options also available under both driver and passenger seats, the Caddy Maxi is not only an adequate driving tool but also an effective storage vehicle. Other features that can be found the cabin of the vehicle include a 12 volt power outlet, Bluetooth connectivity, AUX/USB input socket, and Ambient Temperature display etc.


The safety features in the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi is very vast and impressive with many tools available that aid the driving performance of the driver. There are side and curtain airbags, added to the standard ones that include the driver and passenger airbags. The Front Assist technology is another remarkable innovation that keeps tab on the distance of the vehicle to obstacle at the front, and alerts the occupants of the vehicle when it’s critically close. Other safety features are Adjustable Speed Limiter, Electronic Stability Program, and collision warning or full auto brakes.


The three variants of the Caddy Maxi’s engine are capable of delivering maximum torque values of 225Nm, 250Nm, and 340Nm respectively. The vehicle has a comfortable and composed feel when plying the road and its gear change is very decent. Its performance on a bumpy road is pretty much very impressive as well as smooth with its suspension perfectly capable of absorbing the shock transferred from the vehicle’s contact with the bumpy road.