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21 reg.
Volkswagen Crafter
CR35 LWB High Roof
0 miles

New GAH SA350C refrigeration system
New GRP insulation
Chill operation
Side loading door
Complete vehicle specification upon request
Competitive rates of finance available

Contact Us: 0208 668 7579
2021 (21 reg.)
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The Volkswagen Crafter is a preferred option. Complete with BlueMotion Technology, the engine offers an impressive but powerful driving experience. The space inside the van is bountiful, with firm seating every time ensuring a comfortable drive.

The Volkswagen Crafter is the largest panel van offered by the German manufacturers, and based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, it is a practical, comfy, and reliable quality vehicle. The base model comes with a powerful 2.0-liter diesel, offering up to 161bhp and plenty of pulling power, making it a resourceful and rugged workhorse. Handling is perfect for a car of its size and it manages to travel very easily, although it will never be excessively polished. Now fitted with BlueMotion technology, performance and economy are higher than ever before, keeping run costs down-CO2 emissions in the 161bhp BlueMotion model are just 197g / km, while fuel consumption returns 38mpg.

Large-wheelbase (LWB) Crafters come with long body lengths of 6.836 mm (L4) or Maxi / Long-Plus 7.391 mm (L5): maximum load length is 4.300 mm (L4) or 4.855 mm (L5) Roof height is either 2.590 mm (High) or 2.798 mm (Super-High) Load volume for long L4 van 14.4 cubic metres (High) or 16.1 cubic metres (Super-High).

The Crafter Chassis and Double Cabs have payloads ranging from 1,472 to 3,026 kg (3,245 to 6,671 lb) and come in either 3.5 or 5.3 tonne Gross Vehicle Weights (GVW).