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Trucks With The Right Performance for The Refrigerated Transport Business

If you are in the transportation business, and need a refrigerated truck for moving perishable goods from one place to another, you can either rent one, or buy one straight from our dealership. Refrigerated trucks are a very important part of the UK’s transport system, with more and more businesses taking advantage of this form of transport to ensure that food and plant produce arrive at their destination without losing freshness. Deciding on the reefer truck to go for depends on many factors, and the wrong choice might be enough to give the competition an edge over you. One of the most important considerations you need to make when choosing a refrigerated truck is performance. Without this, you may as well opt for an air conditioned van for your business.

Selecting a Truck That Gives You The Right Performance

There are many factors that determine the level of performance you need from a truck. For instance, if you need a reefer truck for storing goods overnight, so that they remain fresh until morning, or storing them for as long as you need, then  an electric stand by truck will do just fine. These trucks allow you to plug the refrigerator unit into an electric power source, which keeps it running for as long as you want, even if the truck is stationary. This type of truck is not ideal for haulage, as the product will thaw out on the way, and may lose freshness before you arrive at your destination. Essentially, an electric stand by truck will not perform ideally for moving goods over a distance. On the other hand, these trucks are ideal for situations where you don’t have to move products from place to place, but will distribute the products where the truck is parked. Electric standby refrigerated trucks are perfect for catering events and receptions.

Another option is the vehicle powered refrigerated truck. This type of truck provides top performance when you need to move perishable goods from place to place, and need these goods to arrive without losing any freshness or quality. Unlike an electric standby van, a vehicle powered refrigerated unit is hooked up directly to the truck’s engine and is powered by the truck itself. This means that as long as the truck is powered on, the refrigerated unit remains on. It is important to point out that the quality of the truck and engine will determine the performance of the refrigerated unit. Not every engine is powerful enough to run a refrigerated unit, so you need to be certain that your truck can do so. If you are unsure of which type to go for, you can always contact our technicians at Glacier Vehicles for expert advice.

Why it is Important to Have a Truck That Gives the Right Performance

Imagine driving from Point A to Point B only to arrive and find out that the fresh meat you started out with has started to go bad. This is a likely scenario when you are using a low performance vehicle. Customers are not interested in excuses. If your job is to bring fresh products to them, they expect to get fresh products, whether it is convenient for you or not. If you have a high performance refrigerated truck suited to the job you want it for, you will always meet your customers’ expectations, and have an edge over the competition.

Planning on building up a refrigerated transport business? Give us a call at Glacier Vehicles for quality truck options.

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