Box truck

Box truck

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A box truck, also known as a cube truck, cube van, bob truck, box van, or straight truck, is a truck with a cuboid-shaped cargo area.

Why You Should Consider Box Trucks For Your Refrigerated Van or Transportation Business

Whether your transportation business is the type that involves the delivery of household goods, packages, prints, or, whether you transport refrigerated goods, you should consider using a box truck, if you don’t have one already. It doesn’t matter whether your business is already a big player, or whether it is still in the startup phase. The business benefits which box trucks offer are not limited to any particular size of business, they are just as beneficial to small businesses as they are to big businesses. Let’s consider a few of those benefits.


Box trucks are recognisably more economical than other truck options for transportation business. First of all, box trucks are smaller in sizes than trailers. The sizes range from 10 ft–26 ft long. This means than you have more options to choose from in terms of size, depending on the size and need of your business. Because box trucks have reduced sizes, their purchase or lease prices are cheaper, making them more affordable for small businesses and startups. For a business like refrigeration transportation, where larger sizes of trucks may be required, it is still more economical to get even the biggest size of box truck, rather than a trailer. 

Smaller sizes also translate to better gas economy. So, box trucks have better gas mileage then larger trucks. This is undoubtedly beneficial to both big businesses and smaller ones, which is  why even businesses that have got larger trucks should consider adding box trucks to their fleet. With these trucks available, time and money will be saved, and stress is reduced when transporting small goods.

Again, smaller sizes also mean better weight control. With box trucks, it is easier to control freight weight, thereby saving you from overweight by scale penalties.

Storage Safety and Security

The box of a box truck is spacious enough to contain goods, which is why it is ideal for a refrigeration transportation business. Because the box is spacious, goods are safely packed in it without fear of damage. Also, because box trucks come with strong doors, which can either be hinged or standard roll up, the security of the goods is assured once the doors are properly locked. This means, also, that you don’t always have to unload the goods at the end of the day. The goods can be left in the box till the next day without fear of damage or loss.


Another benefit  box trucks offer is operation ease. With a box truck, the usual traffic hassle you’ll experience with a trailer is forestalled. Box trucks are also easier to navigate around local areas. These two benefits actually mean that you will save time, energy, and reach your customers faster. Simply put, box trucks ensure better customer satisfaction. 

To add to all these points, a box truck offers you the space advertise your business right on its body.  A rolling billboard is usually used for this very purpose.

These points are merely the ‘tip of the iceberg’ when it comes to the business benefits of box trucks. Contact us for more information on how to buy or lease box trucks, and how best to utilise them for your business to ensure adequate return on your investment.


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